The Artist

The Artist

I’m the reality hater, full-time pen slayer;
With tears I paint feelings and paste them on paper

I darken my imperfections with permanent ink
Huffing rubber cement until my nose fades pink

My surroundings are viewed in panoramic photography
Failed attempts to stencil the world with precise imagery

Dissecting my mind with an exacto-knife
Bleeding in hues and blending it with this life

Blank canvas emotions; brushed up with acrylic
Mixing wrong colors, tattooed fears in limerick

I cleanse with paint thinner on a paint brush tip
My heart remains bound with adhesive from glue sticks

The room’s water colored in frowns, they write me off
So I scribble on walls, with crumbles of vine chalk

I’m The Artist

  • Ms. Tioko


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