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The power and rage of this permanent pain,
sporadic avenues of reviving buried yesterdays.
The tall tales of a love I initially claimed,
a tragic romance which led to dismay.

Hurt resembling a thousand knives to ones chest,
a punctured ego, riven thoughts and broken promises.
With my severed heart and capricious requests,
no gain without pain, I’ve grown to be heartless.

Intentions are as prejudice as white supremacists,
I’m wildly sucked into this infinite tunnel.
Worshiping flawed emotions as a love atheist,
things never work out for me, they always crumble.

The passion’s gone, but memories compose tattoos,
maturing into a glutton for critical heartache.
It skips us like stones to a non-rippling lagoon,
what lead me to presume union would display?

What the hell was I thinking, I’m quite the fool,
this hopeless search for a fulfilled happiness.
Too busy dreaming, discounting logical thinking,
like a needle in a haystack, I’ve lost my place.

  • Ms. Tioko


I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine
The feeling I’m given

When you’re holding me
Falling for a man I can’t see
Immersed in your aroma of  love
Awaiting the day, no longer
Dreaming of you touching me

I can only imagine
Our minds intertwined

We’re together as two bodies
Compromising one spine
Lovers in spirit, soul tied
My love for you echoes
Like wolves in twilight
Every day’s brand new and
Each time’s the first time

I can only imagine
Our emotions taking over

Loving that fact that we’re
Growing much closer
Surrounded by situations
That’s pushing us farther
Both turning in circles
No intentions of letting go
My feelings run deeper
Than any ocean shall flow

I can only imagine
Our love interchanging

Exchanging emotions
Relentless and never-fading
Hopeful for tomorrows
Of eternal love
Injections of adorations
Saturated with love
A feeling so bizarre
I’m showered with love
I’m lost without you

I Can Only Imagine…

– Ms. Tioko



Maybe this life isn’t
meant for me.
I wouldn’t be astonished
if I
vanished entirely.
…or if was void
for a second
just mentally.
Consulting with self,
blowing these foreign trees;
brain cells are weakened,
running low of my memory.
High as time flies on
the wings of a bumblebee,
zoning with the jones
legalizing this remedy.
Floating on planets,
aliens stalk me.
The crescent of the moon,
now opposes to me.
Dangling from asteroids,
lids sag like pine trees.
Eyes remain closed,
not confronting reality.

– Ms. Tioko