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Night terrors visit me
in my nocturnal state.

My world’s at rock bottom
so I’m snoozing in the day…

Straggling dusk til dawn,
my consciousness veers away.

Street lights that ever glow,
are certainly dimmer today.

Losing track of all mistakes
in the past that I’ve made;

My future reads error,
mental states are dazed.

  • Ms Tioko

Manic Fornication

Thoughts run together like they’re gang related
Robbing me of emotions leaving me sedated

Stunned like dummy in slump, effects are dictated
Needles to wrists, arouse body fluids, I made it

Anatomic orgasms numbs me til I’m jaded
It’s a self-inflicted high, call it masturbated

Pleasure within bloodline, no incest, just vain sex
Thrusting toxins inside until I shake and lay to rest

Dumbfounded with heart pulsating through chest
High dose tonics paralyze my distress

Lost dialogue sounds from smothered deep breaths
Drained of energy and soul, eyes roll right to left

Unimaginable bliss to reach superb destinations
These are the results of obscure manic fornication

  • Ms. Tioko



Of this life,
I’m exhausted,
I’m sick and tired.
My patience and peace
have already expired.

For those who I once
loved and admired,
I Shut off like the
water and the power.

Growing cold as
breed in the freezer,
suffocating in anguish,
never taking a breather.

Instead I take shots of
this foreign liquor,
maybe this will help me to
vanish a little quicker.

David Copperfield

– Ms. Tioko

Off Course

Innocent demeanor with

a criminal mind-set.

Drinking this fifth till

there’s none in the bottle left.

Staggering through life

in circles like treble cleft.

Trampling over porcelain

dreams like I missed a step.

  • Ms. Tioko



Maybe this life isn’t
meant for me.
I wouldn’t be astonished
if I
vanished entirely.
…or if was void
for a second
just mentally.
Consulting with self,
blowing these foreign trees;
brain cells are weakened,
running low of my memory.
High as time flies on
the wings of a bumblebee,
zoning with the jones
legalizing this remedy.
Floating on planets,
aliens stalk me.
The crescent of the moon,
now opposes to me.
Dangling from asteroids,
lids sag like pine trees.
Eyes remain closed,
not confronting reality.

– Ms. Tioko