Distorted Contentment

with my saneness,
how am I content
in this place?

The smell of boredom
and misfortune
meets me at the door.

Resembling faces greet me
with two-sided posture.

A sense of reunion
and comfort
in addition to
slight disappointment,
I’ve gained closure.

Back in this place
separated from trouble,
how did I get here?

Have I returned with
an instinct of approval?

Have I learned nothing,
inhabited to these walls
as a mounted painting?

I’m content in this place.

I’m home…

  • Ms. Tioko
    Inmate #090023042
    Franklin County


Cognitive Bias

She hates that it’s suitable for men
to sex whomever they choose;
saluted, yet not often judged,
they always seem to get excused.

When women adore sex
they claim she’s being too loose;
but there’s this fear of commitment
because her heart’s been abused.

This monster labeled love has
resulted in scorn, hurt and envy;
with no formula for damaged hearts,
so often, the sex would heal injury.

Why does it matter is she’s more
sexual than others appear to be
committed to sex without this love thing,
doesn’t define her wholeheartedly.

It’s just something of a man,
his tone, his scent, his masculinity;
the way he growls during sex
but holds her closely as she sleeps.

Is it of a whore to find an
assortment of men attractive;
or to wonder what they
would  all individually have to offer?

We’re only being human to desire
that which is confidential, but…
how does acting on such thoughts
imply she’s too experimental?

  • Ms. Tioko




High off life

Never wishing to sober up

Ruining this perfect anticipated feeling

Driving this road blindfolded;

Speeding …

With no fear of crashing

Pick pocketing my adrenaline

Even wingless

I’m flying.

  • Ms. Tioko



Of this life,
I’m exhausted,
I’m sick and tired.
My patience and peace
have already expired.

For those who I once
loved and admired,
I Shut off like the
water and the power.

Growing cold as
breed in the freezer,
suffocating in anguish,
never taking a breather.

Instead I take shots of
this foreign liquor,
maybe this will help me to
vanish a little quicker.

David Copperfield

– Ms. Tioko

Endangered Emotions

Oh to say I love you
No shame within a lie as this
Antique words of collapsing value
Suchlike promises has been falsified
We recite with no ardor, no meaning
A forced response to spare the integrity of both
Warping its immortality to our
breached expectations
What a tragedy?
To utterly express beauty with a passion deficit
Love is used like a nameless whore
Traded for the likes of detoured morals
We cheat love and cash it in for pleasure
Redeeming it for personal uplifting
Oh, love…
What has become of you?
Abolished by those whom you give life
We have disgraced you, love!
Selfish as we are, gaining all the credit
By no means do we pause for reflections
Will we ever kindle love?
– Ms. Tioko


Off Course

Innocent demeanor with

a criminal mind-set.

Drinking this fifth till

there’s none in the bottle left.

Staggering through life

in circles like treble cleft.

Trampling over porcelain

dreams like I missed a step.

  • Ms. Tioko



Maybe this life isn’t
meant for me.
I wouldn’t be astonished
if I
vanished entirely.
…or if was void
for a second
just mentally.
Consulting with self,
blowing these foreign trees;
brain cells are weakened,
running low of my memory.
High as time flies on
the wings of a bumblebee,
zoning with the jones
legalizing this remedy.
Floating on planets,
aliens stalk me.
The crescent of the moon,
now opposes to me.
Dangling from asteroids,
lids sag like pine trees.
Eyes remain closed,
not confronting reality.

– Ms. Tioko

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