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Ketchup And Falling Planes

It’s often that we get so wrapped into ourselves and our everyday lives that it overshadows that which really matters. We become distracted, complacent and accustomed to the “daily routine”. Everything starts to be less relevant, an “I’ll do it later” occurrence, priorities are devalued, things are “not as” important anymore. Almost in no time, our surroundings and perception of things are either underrated or has diminished completely; we are unconcerned and jaded.

Just yesterday, I took a trip to the local market. There wasn’t anything imperative that I needed but I happen to be obsessed with shopping and taking casual excursions to grocery stores, as many other Americans; it’s a sickness. Anyhow, I frivolously strolled through the supermarket in circles as usual with no tactic or reason. It seemed purposely that I would always push this grocery cart all the way to one end of the store before discovering that I loosely forgot something on the opposite side. Time (not that I make the most of it anyhow) and energy were wasted but there it was; the ketchup and barbeque section.

I stood there, staring at the perfectly lined rows of ketchup with this cynosural look on my face as if I was house hunting. All thoughts had escaped me, except for my “fate determining” decision; this month’s choice of ketchup. This moment seemed to be “the big moment”! It was like I was there on stage being televised as the world waited patiently, biting nails and with crossed fingers as to which brand of pureed tomatoes I would choose. What a creep? There I was, stuck, with this mountain of a dilemma, should I continue to buy Heinz ketchup or try Annie’s Naturals. What about Del Monte or Hunt’s; haven’t heard much about those? Maybe the organic tomato ketchup would serve me well.

I mean, I really placed myself into what I thought at the time was a complicated situation deserving of fifteen whole minutes of my time, a loss of brain cells and ireful stares from fellow ketchup and barbecue shoppers for blocking their view.

All the while, bodies are still being recovered from the apparent collapsed missing aircraft, AirAsia; relatives have been waiting at the airport for days for love ones that will never return. A woman so blinded by a “potential rekindled love” is afraid to leave her progressing abusive relationship. Race riots protests are unraveling in numerous cities following the unfortunate and nonsensical deaths of young black men in America. Somewhere there’s a child that’s been bullied for so long that he’ll hang himself within the next hour (every seven minutes a child is bullied). There are people trying to figure out how bills are going to be paid after being laid-off. Everyone’s whipped into a frenzy and stocking up on hand-sanitizer, biohazard bags and gloves since news of Ebola has surfaced in the United States. What happens after the Cancer treatments are no longer working?

My most important decision of the day involved a condiment. I have to do better…







Death Before Disloyalty

It really sucks when discovering loyalty’s one-sided,
the extent of your betrayal makes it tougher to hide it.

Always treated you better, ill tactics of being biased,
yet you deserted me here to fend for self on this island.

I’m always there supporting, during everyone’s crisis;
but when it’s on me they all come equipped with vices.

Judas Kisses and crooked smiles, I overlook your defiance,
somehow I felt you and I were as prime as blood diamonds.

The heart and mind hosts a war one can’t avoid fighting,
so it’s either back down or get suited like the Vikings.

Mind or heart, heart or mind, seems like bad timing,
it’s when I needed you most that you became silent.

Premeditated harm like I’m Kuklinski, the “Ice Man”,
no weapons needed, just my rage and my right hand.

I’m like a cockroach you can’t kill, a cannibalistic virus,
I welcome all to this ass whooping but it’s you I’m inviting.

You pose no threat, you ungrateful peon, I’m a giant;
sizing my competition, with the hunger to get violent.

These angry eyes of mine, become dark and less vibrant,
I throw up my mitts, beating my chest like an enraged tyrant.

I spew out wildly like crude waters from hydrants,
this supernatural strength, heart of the coldest climate.

Charging in your direction like storms of fatal lightening,
with brute force that will crush every bone in your body.

Blow after blow to your face and waist, there’s no stopping,
vital fluid paint my fists and room décor all sloppy.

I’m a mad person, why must you make this hard for me,
I never figured you’d have the guts to jilt me so shamelessly.

You’ll never walk or crawl again, I’m amputating both knees,
I’m sure to disassemble your organs leaving your insides empty.

Rupture every blood vessel in your heart with one squeeze,
you narcissistic pig, get on your knees and beg please.

I’m alert and gassed up, sensing your idle energy,
detaching limbs and opening wounds, I add salt to injury;

by piercing ears with shanks and gouging eyes with car keys,
pouncing on you ripping you to shreds like blocked cheese.

Heart throbs until a hole forms in your chest the size of a galaxy,
The aftereffects of a failed alliance, it’s death before disloyalty.

I’ll Kill For IT…

– Ms. Tioko


The Follies of Reality


I’m trapped inside a maze

Closed doors with no exit

My vision is blurry

But no knobs to adjust it

Memory fading

I can’t remember how I got here

Been here for 27 years

But it’s still life I fear

Knocked down by deception

Chained to my depression

Life’s a two way street

I managed to take the wrong direction

Trampling over things not seen

They’ve become images

Darkness falls and dreams dissolve

I wake to discover

A nightmare of reality

  • Ms. Tioko


Pleasures of Pain

Pleasures of Pain

Fools in love
share the same,
sentiment as one
who’s stimulated by pain.

I’m a hopeless romantic,
a full blow addict;
with a craving for love no
matter what it takes to have it.

Can’t get enough, this rush
this touch; conceited attractions,
cutting myself deeper
creating satisfactions.

Modified emotions are
sold for a cheap price;
gaining scars while gambling
love with fixed dice.

This morning;
I woke without you by my side.
Yearning for you…only you…
like oceans falling short of sunlight.

My sorrows are
sort of like eclipsed distress.
Yet fulfilling, I mesh pain with
pleasure and daggers to flesh.

…I want for this forever…

  • Tioko


Profit of the Powerless

This just can’t be life; if so
consider taking a rain check;
life has a way of omitting
what you traditionally expect.

Compensating you with leftovers,
recycled dreams and aged bullshit;
chasing you in circles, urging
to tame you like circus chimps.

Never be influenced
by life’s failing attempts,
to trap you in a frenzy
you should take another glimpse.

Collect yourself as time ticks
sit back, stop watching this pain;
before life flips out, gouging eyes out
legally blinding you once again.

Results of handicapped views, you
dangle from the bridge of sanity,
with a theoretical halo draining
it’s now lifeless batteries…

The day’s a waste while the
world awaits, patiently pacing
Around an hour-glass
depleting all hope remaining.

With clenched fists, blackened hearts,
mind’s spinning like ceiling fans,
muscle tension, faded thoughts,
I’m afraid you’ve been outran.

Tug of war with these demons,
back and forth like subways,
low blows and mood swings
dirty dancing this fatal ballet.

With no way to escape,
assuming your death to be fate;
an end to all struggling and
nonsensical justice you take.

Gasping for air, faint whispers,
staring life in the face;
everything moves in slow motion
muted speed and lack of haste.

In submission you collapse,
to the clouds you praise.
With the soil you become,
refusing to die another day.

But today…

– Ms. Tioko



The shit between you

and I can no longer be;

from a distance you

offer me porcelain dreams.

…don’t want you to leave;

losing ventilation,

I can’t breathe.

How do I live with the fact

that you’ve fallin outta

love with me?

You left me open so I

went for the rebound,

thinking pain would ease;

the stats don’t add up

there’s no comparison,

so at night I climb trees.

I go up…

so high, so high, so high,

maybe too high;

leave me up here please!

Consumed of resentment

and anguish to the brain,

a love estranged,

my heart’s dropped

below zero degrees.

I’m Unglued
  • Ms. Tioko



Night terrors visit me
in my nocturnal state.

My world’s at rock bottom
so I’m snoozing in the day…

Straggling dusk til dawn,
my consciousness veers away.

Street lights that ever glow,
are certainly dimmer today.

Losing track of all mistakes
in the past that I’ve made;

My future reads error,
mental states are dazed.

  • Ms Tioko